These wireless earbuds will change the way you use your headphones forever. The wireless headphones work like magic and automatically connect to your iPhone or Android device. 

The earpods use wireless Bluetooth technology, meaning you can listen to your music and make phone calls with total freedom. Re-charge them once with the USB cable and the will last the whole day!

Practical! Do you enjoy exercising? Equip yourself with these wireless earbud and forget tangled wires – you are totally free to enjoy your exercise.

New design for maximum comfort - and they stay in position!
Compatible with all smartphones, these earpods work with Bluetooth and can connect to two different devices, with a range of 12m.

These earbuds will deliver 5 hours of listening without re-charging.






Real wireless connection (TWS) to realize wireless stereo, left and right channel separation, HIFI sound. Left and right ear are complete with bluetooth function, can be used alone or can be used in pairs.