How To Choose The Right Mobile Power Bank Charger

We live a mobile life now, more than ever before.  Do you know the average millennial looks at their phone a whopping 2,617 times a day? If you spent one day consciously noting whenever you picked up your phone, browsed the internet at work, logged into your laptop, or searched for something on your tablet, you’d probably be surprised.  We scroll, like, share, swipe and type without a second thought.


It’s not just social use either, businesses today simply can’t survive without technology.  There are so many new enterprises, start-ups and businesses that are dependent not only on technology but technology that’s mobile and accessible 24/7 within seconds.

With the evolution of how we use our USB devices comes solutions to keep us plugged into the digital universe and thus, a wide range of mobile power banks were born. But, how do you choose the right mobile power bank for you?


Size Does Matter

There are plenty of cheap power banks out there, but they tend to be very large and cumbersome to carry around. Search out an ultra-thin credit power bank instead.  These are just as thin as a credit card and can be carried around in your wallet all the time until you need to use it. There are even ones on the market which give your phone just the same boost of juice as their larger, bulkier predecessors!

Save Time On Less Tangle

The best credit card power banks have an inbuilt USB charger which is a godsend when you are caught with a sudden red blinking light, telling you that your digital time is nearly up. How many times have you forgotten to not only pack your charger but your USB cable too? A high-quality credit card power bank has a nifty inbuilt cord so you can plug in and power up in no time.

Get Personal

Did you know you can get personalised power banks?  If you think that a slimline, plug and go powerbank is something you would use all the time, it makes sense that the people you know would too!  Look for a company that prints small print runs, perfect for small business and can print to your company colours. An excellent gift for corporates, staff incentives, small businesses, or even a unique tech focussed wedding favour for your guests!

Mobile technology is always forging forward; the best tip is to ensure that your mobile accessories are just as up to date to support your new technology and maximise your usage, so you never get stuck without battery power and connection to your digital world!